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Howdy! I'm Tom "the Furniture Guy." I build barnwood signs and flags out of wood that I salvage from barns all across middle Tennessee. Below are just a few of the barns that I have recently taken down, or mother nature has taken down for me.

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Brushy, Tennessee
The Cat Named Tornado Red and His Barn
My friend Jim had a cat named Red who lived in a comfortable old barn on a hill in a small town, until one February night about four years ago when a tornado came through and blew the barn apart. Miraculously Red survived and after that Jim and I always called him Tornado Red. I helped Jim take down the barn the rest of the way and Tornado Red lived a happy and comfortable life in the new barn that Jim built him. I really liked Tornado Red because every time I would go visit Jim, he would run up, let me pick him up and just purr. I think of him often when I am building furniture and signs from his old barn. See barnwood signs using wood from this barn

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Primm Springs, Tenn.
Family Barn In Primm Springs
This barn was used for years and years by a family in Primm Springs Tennessee. Mother Nature completely flattened the entire structure when she sent a tornado over the hill and down into the hollow where this barn stood for nearly a hundred years. They contacted me and on my first day of salvaging, I was standing on the roof of their barn which was now only three feet off the ground. After several days, I was able to salvage some great boards for furniture and signs. See barnwood signs using wood from this barn

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Sawdust, Tennessee
Mystery Barn in Sawdust
I wish I knew more about this barn. It was salvaged by a friend and customer of mine who also collects barnwood. He was generous and let me get several boards and a few barn doors. See barnwood signs using wood from this barn

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Pleasantville, Tenn.
Barnwood Building in Pleasantville
A gentleman contacted me and asked if I would help him take down part of his barnwood building. I drove out to Pleasantville, Tennessee and really liked what I saw when I pulled up. There were three barnwood doors that he wanted me to remove and more wood on the sides. After a few days of work I was able to get enough barnwood to build some barnwood trunks and also some signs. See barnwood signs using wood from this barn

If you have questions or would like to discuss a project,
please call Tom The Furniture Guy at 931-231-4249

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